Consignor Agreement

Consignor Agreement 

Thank you for choosing to consign with FLX ReFashioned!

FLX ReFashioned is an upscale consignment shop, I consign & sell most name brand and designer brand clothing, shoes and accessories for the family.

When you entrust  your items to my care.I will select items I can display in my store and online.

All chosen items will be sold for secondary fair market value. When your items sell, I split the selling price with you, you receive 40% of the selling price.

Prices are researched and set by owner. Items will be reduced  at the stores discretion and marked down gradually over 60 days.  Our typical markdown schedule is as follows:

Standard reductions will be 25% if an item sells between 31-60 days. Items not selling within 60 can either be picked up within 3 to 5 business days, or we would be happy to drop the remaining items at a local clothing drop box.

Higher end items may be consigned for longer periods of time as determined by the discretion of the shop owner and in agreement with the consignor.

All items left beyond the agreement period of 60 days and no alternate arrangements made, become property of FLX ReFashioned store.

What we are Not

FLX ReFashioned is not a rummage shop!

What we Accept

Your gently loved or even new with tags ~ Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Clothing / Shoes & Accessories (including Formal wear- on hold for the time being)

Preparing your Items

To maintain strict standards of acceptance for our merchandise, please be sure your items are in excellent condition & ready for a new owner. Sticking to these guidelines will increase the likelihood of your items being accepted by FLX ReFashioned & allow for a higher selling price point.

  • Are your items freshly washed, Dry cleaned & free of pet hair/unpleasant odors & stain free?
  • Are all items ironed, either on hangers, or neatly folded and placed in a laundry basket? (All hangers & baskets will be returned unless otherwise agreed upon) Please No trash bags!
  • Are your items free of heavy wear/rips, unless it’s in style.
  • Do your items have working zippers & all buttons?
  • Bringing Dresses & Suits or Formal wear, be sure they are freshly cleaned, pressed & on a hanger please.
  • Be sure to check & empty all pockets.

Please plan to spend a little time in store to establish your account & have your items reviewed.

Feel free to shop while you wait!

You may bring up to 25-30 items on your first visit.

We encourage you to bring up to 25 items to allow for items we may not be able to accept.

I appreciate you taking your No Thank you items with you. Or making arrangements for me to drop to a local charity.

Please return before closing to pick up any items we are unable to accept.

Please stay in touch!  Call ahead any time during business hours or by email during your consignment time period, to check on any monies owed to you & let me know when you will be stopping by to pick it up.

Balances will be paid to you in the form of a check.

I am happy mail a check to you, there will be a nominal fee of $2 deducted from your payout for mailing.

Prefer store credit? Spend your  money in shop and receive 10% off your purchase, every day.

While I will do my absolute best to keep theft under control, I can not completely control it.

By reviewing this agreement and consigning with us, you understand the terms & you release FLX ReFashioned and it’s owner of any liability  for any theft, damage, or loss of consigned items.